It is the mission of Diamond Tool & Die, Inc. to provide our customers with punctual service, excellent quality, fine craftsmanship, efficient prices, and a sincere interest in your objectives. We offer a broad range of services and can assist with your project from prototype to production. We specialize in CNC (and manual) milling and turning; and we work with all metals and plastics.

Diamond Tool & Die’s ability to machine parts as small as .06” and as large as 42” is just one of the reasons to make DTD your go-to shop. We specialize in CNC (and manual) milling and turning, up to 4th Axis; and we work with all metals and plastics. In addition, we can facilitate outside services through our qualified partners (powder coating, wet paint, plating, heat treating, laser etching, etc.).

CNC Turning

1/16” to 40” Maximum swing (10’ between centers)

Our Mori Seiki SL-1A, with YASNAC LX-1 control panel, allows DTD to turn stock as small as 1/8.”

Our Okuma LB45 II horizontal lathe, combined with our OSP-E100L control panel, allows for fast, full-power CNC turning of large parts. It’s travel (X 33” Z 80”, 22” over the slide), allows Diamond Tool & Die to produce precision parts as large as 33” Ø and shafts as wide as 21” Ø x 80” long.

Our Dainichi DM 102 x 300 manual lathe increases our swing to 42”, allowing DTD to turn precision parts 42” Ø x 10’.

Additional Services
  • Welding (Heliarc, MIG, TIG)
  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • De-burring
  • Assembly & Kitting
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Repairs & Restoration
  • Tooling
  • Fixturing
  • Emergency/Rush Services
  • Just in Time (J.I.T.) Programs
  • Delivery (local)
CNC Milling & Turning

CNC Milling
Up to 70” x 50” x 40”

Our Hurco KMB1 allows DTD to mill precision parts as small as .06”, with holes as small as .015”.

Our Okuma MB46VAE, combined with our OSP-P200M control panel, allows for fast, high accuracy cutting with true position accuracy of 0.001 with repeatability.

Wire EDM
Two (2) Agie 100 wire EDMs were added for accurate, exotic, and/or intricate unconventional machining capacity. The ED Machining support role for 2nd operators enables Diamond Tool & Die to be a full-service machining job shop with very responsive turn-around times. In-house ED Machining can reduce lead times from weeks to a matter of days or just hours. The Agies allow the team at DTD to be a creative, imaginative and innovative manufacturing job shop.

Quality Assurance
The Zeiss Contura takes Diamond Tool & Die manufacturing to the highest standards. The VAST Scanning Head provides graphical details of form, roundness, flatness, composite true position, angularity, concentricity and cylindricity. With the ability to capture thousands of data points during a Continuous Contact Scan, the graphical reports provided are an incredible tool for troubleshooting a manufacturing set-up or any Fixturing issue. With Contura’s speed and accuracy, DTD has added contract inspection of parts to our list of capabilities.

CNC Milling & Turning
Inspection Software


  • Operates interactively with CAD
  • Rapid First Article inspections and reports
  • Process reliability from statistical function
  • Graphic 1000+ points scan reports
  • Six-Sigma reporting capabilities
  • Curve Measuring capabilities
  • IGES to SAT converter
  • IGES file generation

Unparalleled Inspection Capabilities
Diamond Tool & Die utilizes three production floor CMMs and two inspection room CMMs for In-process/Final Inspection operations to insure and verify machining function accuracy at every level of manufacturing.The five DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine’s table and inspection envelope (all equipped with auto-probe changers) allows for quick inspection for an array of different sized parts. Precision and repeatability characterizes DTD’s controlled Inspection Process. Manufactured parts can be 100% inspected or SPC statistically inspected and reported per customer’s requirements.

Production Floor Software
Aberlink’s revolutionary measurement software is a powerful, state-of-the-art user interface. Aberlink 3D innovative software package is designed for CMMs and usable across numerous OEM systems and platforms, including portable arms, vision systems, video machines and profile projectors. The software’s unique interactive graphical interface substantially increases inspection throughput and decreases the part inspection programming period.

CAM Software
DTD uses the latest versions of the following CAM software:

  • Mastercam™
  • Geopath™
  • Pathtrace™

We have a Tailored ISO 9002 Quality Systems Evaluation, Defense Contract Management of San Francisco, CA.

We are a certified Small Business with the City of Oakland, California and with System for Award Management.