Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber Lid,
Furnace Industry

Battery Holder, Ultem 2300
Plastic, Aerospace Part

Machined Casting

Aluminum Air Turbine Part,
Furnace Industry

Polycarbonate Part +/- .001
Tolerance, Medical Industry

Wire EDM Machined Invar Engine Parts, Transportation Industry

Aerospace Parts Machining
Small Electronic Copper Switch,
Aerospace Part

Aluminum Mold for Professional
Sound Industry

Titanium Satellite Instrument
Housing, Aerospace Industry

Steel Turret, Hydro Power
Generation Industry

Restoration of the Ship’s Telegraph
on the U.S.S. Hornet

The Machining of a Pressure Vessel

Casting and Bushing Work, for
Diesel Engine

60" Long Stainless Steel Electrode

Stainless Steel Flange for Filtration Assembly

Aerospace Parts Machining
Aluminum Cable Housings for Satellites, Aerospace Industry

Tool Steel Forming Die,
Power Generation Industry

Aluminum Assembly, Defense Industry


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